My Library

My Library is an outstanding browser scripting library (also known as an Ajax library). Feel free to make it your library! It is now offered under an MIT license.

Cloudy Outlook?

Is your Web presence or Intranet being held back by sub-standard front-end code? If you've had the sneaking suspicion that most browser scripting projects are not ready for prime time, let us be the first to confirm your suspicions. Virtually all of them are sizzle without solid substance. When those who seek to save you time and money are constantly reinventing their own wheels, you know you have a serious problem.

Here Comes the Sun!

Starting soon, will be the home of Cinsoft, a startup that will provide world-class browser scripting solutions and professional support for My Library (as well as any other Javascript library or framework). With the help of a local angel investor, we are gearing up to help you!


Functions covered includes a simple wrapper for the Ajax XHR object, form serialization, normalization of event handling, effects, audio, Flash, DOM traversal and an advanced CSS selector query. In addition, it can optionally include an object-oriented interface.


Using quasi-standard industry tests, My Library has shown to be fastest when considering the aggregate results from all tested agents, including old and new desktop browsers, slow and fast PC's, set top boxes, and mobile devices. The margin is particularly wide in slower environments where it counts.

But don't take our word for it. Try out the Speed Tests.

Concise Too

See the test functions used for the TaskSpeed suite and more examples in the Object Reference.

Most Compatible and Future Proof

We test in every browser we can get our hands on. It helps to expose cracks in the feature testing logic. Whether the browser is still in use today is irrelevant for these purposes. The point is that if the testing logic is without gaps, applications are more likely to work in the unknown environments that matter most: future browsers and browser versions. Costly rewrites, re-tests and re-deployments cause site owners to lose both money and visitors (the latter as problems are not typically resolved overnight).

Virtually Unlimited and Timeless

There is no browser sniffing of any kind in this library. Thorough feature detection and testing ensures that it is both backward compatible and as future proof as possible. The library features a dynamic interface, which is designed to simplify feature detection for the calling application, making it easy to implement graceful degradation and/or progressive enhancement. Furthermore, there is no list of supported browsers. Unless otherwise noted, all features should work properly or degrade gracefully in virtually any (X)HTML user agent.

Others Inherently Limited and Dated

In contrast, scripts based on today's observations will often require rewrites just to "keep up" with the latest browsers (and history has shown that most are in a constant state of lagging behind). Furthermore, such attempts at keeping up often exclude visitors that do not upgrade in perfect sync with the developers' expectations (another case of lagging leading to losing). Most other libraries and frameworks support only a handful of browsers and rely on browser sniffing to do so. Even worse, unsupported browsers and other agents are often presented with documents that break in unexpected ways, sometimes rendering them unusable. Browser scripting is supposed to be a potential enhancement, not a potential liability.


The design is modular with a high level of granularity to minimize the downloading of unused code. Use the stock OO Interface or put your own face on the API.

Great Community

We are supported by an ever-growing community, dedicated to testing My Library in every browser known to man. Come join the discussion.

Get Started

Start with the documentation, which was has gone from spotty to fair of late. Expect it to be great in the near future. There are lots of examples to be found on the Build Test and Examples pages.

Build Your Library

You can build your own custom version of this library with the online builder. Full builds, extensions and add-ons can be found on the Downloads page.

Last Modified: 15 Jul 2010 23:22:00 GMT

By David Mark