My Library Builder

Build and test your own custom version with this form.

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*Contains try-catch clauses, which cause parse errors in some agents (e.g. IE4)
**Requires Position and Scroll modules to support fixed positioning
***Requires DOM to support elements with descendants
†Requires Filter module to support XHTML
††Requires Margin and Border modules to support documentElement/body margins and borders

Tips for Deployment

Before using your library, be sure to read the documentation.

It is recommended that you process the created file with a minifier to remove comments and whitespace and shorten variable names. In most cases, this will reduce the download time for users of your site or application. The complete build passes JSLint verification, so minification should not present issues.

It is not recommended that you compress the file as that should be left up to the Web server and clients to negotiate.


Pruning of the object wrappers should be done during the build. Currently a lot of potentially unneeded testing is done at runtime. This issue will be addressed in a future version of the builder.

By David Mark